FBYC Race Team

(Full summer program- July 2nd to August 23rd)

Joining the FBYC Race Team is a full season commitment, but one that will pay a lifetime of dividends. Our race team starts the day with exercises to build strength and flexibility. Then it's into the boats and out on the water where our coach Connor McNeil puts them through their paces.

Opti Team

(Four week program - available July 2nd to 26th or                                                                July 29th to August 24rd


Our Opti Race Team is a chance for sailors to get a taste of competitive sailing. It is a 4 week program. The team is open to anyone who has finished their CanSail level 1. Having your own sailboat is not required, but it is recommended. Students will learn basic race rules and strategies while also working towards their CanSail levels. The team will participate in one off-site regatta.

At mid-day it's time for lunch and classroom work. We teach regatta rules, race strategy, and boat maintenance. Most of our racers have their own boat, but if you don't have one we can make arrangements to charter a boat for you for the season.

After lunch its back in the boats for an afternoon session. This part of the day is filled with mock races and other fun challenges because, 'hey, sailing is supposed to be fun!'

Joining the team includes eight weeks of full time training. It also includes two weekend regattas.

Additional regattas and weekend training in the spring are available at an additional charge.