CanSail Levels 1 to 6


All of our Sailing Camps are a minimum of two weeks in length. We offer discounted pricing if you want to come for 4 weeks, or the whole summer. Two weeks is the minimum because there is a lot of material to get through and we want to make sure there is still enough time for goofing around, hanging out at the beach, and generally just being kids.


CanSail 1 & 2

This is where you start. If you are 7 or 8 years old and have finished Wet Feet, or if you are 9-14 and have never sailed before, you start with CanSail level 1.

CANSail 1

New sailors learn how to properly trim sails and perform basic maneuvers such as tacking and gybing. Sailors also learn basic safety skills, such as capsize recovery and towing.

CANSail 2

Sailors learn to identify wind direction, steer a set course (tacking and gybing), and keep a boat balanced. Physical flexibility is also practiced, as well as seamanship and safety skills.


CanSail 3 & 4

Levels 3 and 4 are more involved. We recommend that students enroll for a full month to really establish a full command of the material. Also... 4 weeks is twice as much fun as 2 weeks.

CANSail 3

Sailing skills are further refined, and new skills are introduced, such as sailing by the lee and sailing backwards. Sailing right of way rules are also introduced, as well as racing fundamentals.

CANSail 4

Sailors practice advanced sailing skills such as planing and surfing, adjusting sail controls and boat acceleration. Sailors are encouraged to get involved in their larger sailing community.


CanSail 5 & 6

These levels are taught in conjunction with our race team. Its a full summer commitment and includes two off site weekend regattas.

CANSail 5

Sailors learn to round marks properly, steer to promote planing, adjust sail trim for conditions and heading, and practice identifying tide and wind shifts.

CANSail 6

Sailors train regionally and learn how to win races by tuning their rigs, practicing good strategy and tactics, and securing optimal positions on start lines and at mark roundings.