FBYC Sailing School is dedicated to making sure every student learns the skills necessary to have fun on the water.


Is it a Summer Camp? A Sailing School? A Race Team?
Simply put it's all three.

For 8 weeks every summer the grounds of Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club are full of the fun and games and friendships you'd find at any summer camp. There are dress-up days, picnics, swimming, and afternoons at the beach.

But that's not all...

Our nationally-recognized FBYC Sailing School is run by our exceptional instructors and coaches, many of whom are graduates of the program themselves! We teach and certify students using the Sail Canada standards. Students enjoy a fun, safe program that promotes exercise, develops self-confidence, and teaches sportsmanship. Quality sailboats and our warm natural bay allow for the best hands-on experience. Programs available for ages 10 and up

And if that's not enough...

The award-winning FBYC Race Team includes racers in three classes of boats (420's, Laser, and Optimist.) FBYC racers have received recognition across Lake Ontario and around the world. We have even launched two Olympic careers!

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer evening sessions for the 2021 season

FBYC Sailing School observes all relevant COVID-19 protocols and operated through the summer of 2020 with no infections amongst students or staff. We reserve the right to cancel full or portions of programs if required by circumstances. We take safety on and off the water very seriously.