We hope to see you at FBYC


Being a member of FBYC brings a bunch of sun-filled summer days on the water. It also comes with a set of Privileges and Responsibilities.

All of those fit under one umbrella statement: Joining the club is an opportunity for you to make this organization into something amazing for yourself, your family, and all the other members.

Work Hours are an obvious example of member’s responsibilities. Every member – Senior Active members and Dinghy members – are required to complete 15 work hours each calendar year. But 15 is just a number. The idea is that each of us should commit to spending some of our precious time to making the club better. You can contribute your work hours in whatever way suits your interests and skills: Gardening, Painting the clubhouse, Working on the website, Mowing the lawn… whatever you want to do to make the club a better place – go for it. Heck, you even get work hours for attending general meetings and helping set the direction for the club.

So, Work Hours are both a Privilege and a Responsibility – you get to help shape the club, but you also have to put in the work. To make sure your hours get tallied and avoid the $45 per hour penalty for unworked hours, please tell the relevant Committee Chairperson what you are up to.

Duty Officer shifts – usually just called “DO shifts” – are another opportunity to help define what this club is. Twice a year all members (Senior and Dinghy) are assigned two shifts. Each shift is 3 hours long. There is one shift every weekday evening. Saturdays and Sundays are split into two shifts each. There is a list of things to do during this shift such as watering the flower beds and putting the garbage in the bin, but really these shifts are an opportunity for you to set the tone for the club. The DO Officer is the person that welcomes visiting boaters to the dock. They are the person that checks all the dock lines to make sure everyone’s boat is safe and secure. Basically, they are there so the club is never left unattended.

Again, DO shifts are both a Privilege and a Responsibility. A chance to be the ‘host of the party’ … but also take out the trash.

The last Privilege and Responsibility to point out is the role all members have in growing the sport of sailing. As members of the FBYC we have the opportunity to introduce our friends, co-workers and neighbours to life on the water. We host one of the best youth sailing programs in the province. It is part of our responsibility to the sport to make sure that all the visitors and all the students, and all the people that come to our club have the best possible experience. That requires opening up our private oasis and sharing it with outsiders.

Like the work hours and the DO shifts, it requires some effort, but the results are amazing.