Request for Reciprocal Visit Reservation
FBYC is accepting reservation requests from members of reciprocal clubs. Requests must made no later than 4 pm the day before first night requested. Your request will be filled on a first come basis. Only 1 boat per request. You will receive a confirmation of availability via email. We regret we cannot accept visitors without a reservation at this time except under emergency circumstances. Due to low Lake Ontario water levels in the 2021 season, we are only accepting boats with drafts of 5 ft or less.
Please enter your skipper's email address
Enter a phone # the skipper can be reached at during your visit to FBYC
Enter the name of your club
Enter the name of your boat
Enter the boat length in feet (round up to the nearest foot)
Enter the boat draft in feet (round up to the nearest foot)
Enter the boat beam in feet (round up to the nearest foot)
Enter your club membership #
Enter the name, contact cell phone # and email address for all passengers
Enter any additional information that may be helpful in processing your request
By hitting the submit button, you agree that the information on this form is accurate and skipper and crew will abide by all FBYC regulations for visitors. You further agree to provide proof of membership in a club with reciprocal rights with FBYC when requested by the FBYC duty officer. Failure to honour these agreements may result in your reservation being cancelled without notice.