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Raft Up
Sunday 06 September 2020, 12:30pm - 04:00pm
or those not familiar with a raft up.... a few pointers:
1- larger boats in the middle.
2- when crossing from boat to boat walk in front of the mast across the fore deck.
3- if there are snacks on the table, help yourself.
4- if you are curious about the interior of someone's boat this is a great opportunity to take a tour.
5- kids will be fed cupcakes and sent to Encore.
6- if you don't want to bring your boat out... one of the cupcake filled children will come pick you up in a dinghy.
7- if you want to participate but also maintain physical distance, you can anchor nearby, or build your own raft with your boat bubble.
8- both power and sail boaters are welcome.
9- If you are attempting to "drink the raft" (have one cocktail on each boat) please request docking assistance from the DO upon your return.
Sunday September 6th at 12:30 to 4pm