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Saturday 03 June 2023
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May be an image of sail, sailboat and text that says 'SAT. JUNE 3, 2023 FRENCHMAN'S BAY YACHT CLUB SAILPAST EVENT Xinner ADULTS $30 Children 12 & Under $15 Choose one Entrée Selection Meat Lasagna or Spinach/Ricotta Lasagna or Chicken Cutlet in Tomato Sauce & Penne Pasta All meals include Salad, Rolls and Ice Cream Dessert Coffee & Tea will be served Contact Yvette Drew: <a href=
1. Meat Lasagna or 2. Spinach/Ricotto Lasagna or 3. Chicken Cutlet in Tomato Sauce & Penne Pasta. All meals include Salad, rolls, and Ice Cream Dessert. Coffee and tea will be served. We will have more event information regarding the agenda for the day, games (sailing bingo, etc..) later this week.
Sailpast marks the official start  of the boating and cruising season for Frenchman’s Bay Yacht Club. We incorporate an on-land ceremony followed by the on-water ceremony out in Lake Ontario, weather permitting.
The ceremony dates back to the earliest beginnings of naval tradition. In fact, one of the earliest references to Sailpast is in the famous Greek poem, The Iliad. "After two years of preparation, the Greek fleet, of more than 1,000 ships and 100,000 men, assembled at the port of Aulis, in northeastern Greece, for a Sailpast of Troy." It is believed that from this ceremony came the famous saying, "Helen of Troy had the face that launched 1,000 ships".
Sailpast is a formal ceremony where a Commander-in-Charge inspects their fleet of ships, determining the readiness, and capability to put to sea. It also allows each crew to pay their respect to the Commander-in-Charge. Throughout history this ceremony has included royalty, heads of state, and admirals, inspecting their individual fleets or entire navies.
Marking “SailPast” as a special occasion, the suggested attire for the day is a navy blazer or sweater, white or khaki pants, and a white shirt.


Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club is located on beautiful Frenchman's Bay on north shore of Lake Ontario, just east of Toronto at 635 Breezy Drive in Pickering, Ontario.

The club has a rich history dating back to 1938 and prides itself on its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.