April 18 2021 FBYC COVID-19 Update

To All Members of FBYC:
Effective immediately, FBYC is closed to members and the public until further notice. Pickering Harbour Company has decided to discontinue the launch of any boats until the stay-at-home order is rescinded so there is no reason for us to be at the club, the only exception being those designated to check the building and property, and those whose boats are already at our docks, who may conduct periodic checks to ensure their boat is safe and secure, and perform necessary maintenance (which does not include stepping masts). While on-site, please adhere to all published guidelines.
We are currently in a Province-wide Stay-At -Home order mandated by the Ontario Government, so please stay at home.
The information on the Ontario Government’s website is constantly changing, and as such I will ask that you always visit their website for the latest regulation updates.
Case in point, the notice that I sent out yesterday had information that I copied directly from the website in the morning and later that day the information changed. So please always refer to the website for the latest information.
We will keep you updated on any changes to FBYC policy.
Mark Chin
Commodore 2021

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Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club is located on beautiful Frenchman's Bay on north shore of Lake Ontario, just east of Toronto at 635 Breezy Drive in Pickering, Ontario.

The club has a rich history dating back to 1938 and prides itself on its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.