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Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club
635 Breezy Dr.,
Pickering, Ontario
L1W 2X4


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Navigate to Latitude 43°48'30.29"N, Longitude 79°5'7.84"W

This position is approximately 0.5 nautical miles  south of the channel entrance marks

Thanks to recent investments in the channel by our federal,  provincial and municipal governments as well as dredging funded by FBYC, The Pickering Harbour Company and other residents of the bay, coming and going from Lake Ontario is safe and simple. Generally boats with 6ft or less draft are fine for the entire season. Boats with more than 6ft of draft should check with the club later in the season. 

Frenchmans Bay Approach

Main channel from Lake Ontario into Frenchman’s Bay

  • Marked by Red and Green lighthouses at the tip of the breakwaters
  • Stay between the red and green spars
  • Channel depth dredged to 10 feet
  • DO NOT CUT THE CORNER on the west or east side of the channel inside the bay … you WILL run aground
  • The areas marked in yellow are no go zones

Channel from Bay entrance to Frenchman’s Bay Yacht Club

  • The channel is marked by lighted red and green spars
  • Do not turn west until you can line up the spar markers extending in a westerly direction towards the Club
  • Dragon boat teams frequently mark starting lines and race lanes with various coloured balls … ignore these as they do not mark the channel
  • Channel depth dredged to 7 feet (bottom is very soft and you can drag through if needed)
  • Use caution if you venture to the north side of the dredged channel … depths are variable and weeds can be a problem
  • Do not cut the corner as you approach the FBYC docks … you cannot turn north until you pass through the most westerly set of spars in close proximity to our docks
  • Depths in the slips are approximately 8 feet at the outer slips decreasing to 5 feet near shore
  • Depth at the service / pumpout / crane dock is 8 feet.
  • The FBYC docks are designated by letters
    • A dock is the most southerly dock
    • B dock is in the centre
    • C dock is the most northerly dock
  • Contact the Duty Officer on VHF 68 for a dock assignment