Good Morning Everyone

Hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy.

As of April 3, 2021, 12:01, the Ontario Government has issued an "Emergency Brake Order". This order is provincial wide regardless of the zone that you live in. I have provided a link below that details the specifics to the Emergency Brake Order.

Below are a couple of excerpts and how they apply to FBYC:

"Meeting and event spaces Closed for meetings and events (limited exceptions, for example child care, mental health and addiction support services)"

All indoor meetings at the club are to be cancelled until the order is lifted.

"Transportation services Permitted services include:
transportation services provided by air, water, road, and rail, including taxis and other private transportation providers support services for transportation services, including:
logistical support, distribution services, warehousing and storage, truck stops and tow operators, and services that support the operations and safety of transportation systems including maintenance and repairs marinas, boating clubs and other organizations that maintain docking facilities (with conditions)"

We are allowed to continue with outdoor operations to service our boats and equipment. We are also allowed to perform any related tasks to ensure the security, safety and maintenance of our club. Please remember that personal COVID protocols still apply so wear your masks and keep the 2m distance while at the club. Please keep safe and healthy. See you all soon.

Mark Chin
Commodore FBYC 2021