May4th Mark


Good News FBYC members:

This is an update regarding the Covid-19 situation at FBYC.   The goal of these updates is to keep track of this rapidly evolving pandemic and to inform the membership on its effects on the operation of the Club. 

First, I would like to thank everyone for doing their part in curbing the spread of the Corona virus.  It seems that all our efforts are finally showing favourable results and the Ontario Government is now willing to make changes to restart the economy.

Recent Development in Government

On May 1st, the Ontario government is finally willing to restart the economy by their latest news release stating that certain businesses will be allowed to reopen with strict guidelines.

This applies to marinas, “Marinas may also begin preparations for the recreational boating season by servicing boats and other watercraft and placing boats in the water, but not open to the public. Boats and watercraft must be secured to a dock in the marina until public access is allowed.” 

This guidance that allows marina workers to prep and launch boats are only referring to marinas with small boats that do not involve the general public including us.  So unfortunately, we are still not allowed to launch our boats. 

Therefore, to comply with the Government’s instructions and keeping with what other clubs in Ontario are doing the club will remain closed.  Although our club remains closed, Frenchman’s Bay Marina is allowing all boat owners to work on their boats to get them prepared and ready to launch.  I ask that you please respect the social distancing while working on your boat.

I spoke with Ian MacKimmie and the earliest that he can start launching boats is May 19th.   In order to expedite the process please have your boats ready for launch.  This will help Ian and his team launch boats quickly and orderly without too many delays.

What we are doing

The release of the latest guideline appears to be the genesis of the rebirth of our economy.  We will monitor the situation closely and inform the membership of any new development as it enfolds.

We have another executive meeting on May 11th where we will be discussing the best way to manage the reopening of the club and what needs to be done to get the docks ready for boats.

In order to complete this work essential electrical and dock work will be done by select members in preparation of the sailing season.  The mast and dinghy crane are still off limits.  There is still deck and equipment maintenance work to be completed before the mast and dinghy crane can be fully operational. 

Dinghy members please continue to keep your boats at home until further notice.  We will continue to receive directions from the government and will give the green light as soon as we are allowed.

Please be patient as we are all in the same boat pun intended.  The summerlike weather that we just had last weekend certainly reminded us of the upcoming sailing season, but we must continue to be safe.  The government is restarting the economy in stages.  Once marinas and other clubs around the lake reopen, we will follow suit.  We must keep the infection rates low in order to make this happen.  So, let’s do our best to follow the rules so that we may see everyone on the water soon.

Stay safe and stay healthy and May the fourth be with you.

Mark Chin

Commodore 2020

Frenchman’s Bay Yacht Club