Canadian Yachting News

  1. Power Sail MarinaI’m a sailor and own multiple catamarans. I’m a member at EYC for over 29 years and a member of Water Rats sailing club for 5 years in the Outer harbor. I’ve represented Canada at the Pan Am games as an sailor athlete multiple times.

  2. USBAt the April 8-9th Board of Directors meeting, the National Membership Committee has released a new tool for the promotion of Membership in CPS-ECP. A USB Memory Stick.

  3. CardsNow is the time of year when many members need to replace a lost Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC), an ROC(M) card or a membership card.

  4. AwardsWorthy CPS-ECP volunteers have worked over the last year to advance the mandate and mission of CPS-ECP and contributed to making sure that more and more boaters on our waterways have the knowledge they need to ensure this year’s boating season is a safer one.

  5. Video PridemarineWe know you love to look at and shop for boats online. The best part is that that boats make fabulous subjects for footage and the videos are always fun to watch and enjoy.