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Council of Commodores

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21 Sep 2017 06:50PM -  Single Handed Series
24 Sep 2017 12:50PM -  Fall Series
25 Sep 2017 07:30PM -  General Meeting
28 Sep 2017 06:50PM -  Single Handed Series
01 Oct 2017 12:50PM -  Fall Series
14 Oct 2017 10:00AM -  Frostbite Race
15 Oct 2017 12:50PM -  Brass Monkey Series
21 Oct 2017 09:00AM - 12:00PM Club Cleanup Day
22 Oct 2017 12:50PM -  Brass Monkey Series
28 Oct 2017 06:30PM -  Awards Night
29 Oct 2017 12:50PM -  Brass Monkey Series
09 Dec 2017 06:00PM -  Christmas Potluck and Gift Thievery